by endiba sports desk

It was another exciting week to remember for many people in Busia, Malaba, Bugiri, Namayingo and Tororo after winning lots of freebies from Fortebet.

Over 1000 people got at least ‘something’ from Fortebet, which included; brand new phones, European favourite club jerseys, T-shirts, caps, wristbands, pens among many other gifts. Fortebet team led by the company media manager, John Nanyumba and the brand ambassador, Alex Muhangi did not only end at giving the above gifts but also dressed up bodaboda cyclists with reflector jackets in a bid to help in fighting road accidents. The recipients of the gifts appreciated Fortebet for the kind heart and pledged to further support it. “I have never owned a smartphone in my life. I have always bought a ‘button’ phone but I am glad from today onwards, I have become a smartphone owner,” Isa Masinde said after receiving his phone at Busia main centre.Talking at Bugiri branch before giving out the gifts, Muhangi said, “We feel very privileged that you have made Fortebet the number one betting company in Uganda. Thank you for choosing Fortebet and not any other betting company. On behalf of the entire Fortebet family, we are very grateful and this is why we are here to appreciate you.”

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