It was unbelievable winning happiness for one Fortebetor, a structural engineer from Kira, after hammering a breath-taking 125million.

The most amazing bit is that this big win was courtesy of just UGX 1,000 stake, on ticket number 3219069733189999.

“I never thought I could win. Actually, this money was just God-given. That day I placed it, I had lost terribly and lost hope. But I still remembered I had some balance of 1,000 on my mobile money account. So, I transferred it to my Fortebet account and jokingly placed this ticket. I nearly collapsed when I checked and only one match was remaining to win 125 million,” happily explained the winner when he was picking his money from Fortebet Kololo head office.

He noted that he is going to use this money to do more of his site structural work.

This magical winner selected 23 matches, 18 of which were trusted with goal-goal and the rest over 1.5 goals. In total, his ticket generated odd 125,606.68, paying him 125,606,680/=

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